Why Fire Extinguishers Are Important

Why Fire Extinguishers Are Important

Just how important is it to have a fire extinguisher? They are extremely important because they are mostly used for fire protection. In many cases the extinguisher is your first line of defence and very often contains or extinguishes a fire, preventing great damage. These devices are too often overlooked, but they can be a key component to keeping you safe during an emergency situation where there is a fire. Business owners often see fire extinguishers as the red can that’s simply hanging on the wall. The point is that in over 600 non-residential structures and businesses, fire extinguishers are the difference between a small fire problem or a huge fire destruction.

Facts about fire extinguishers

Fires can be diminished by using a fire extinguisher according to the NFPA, For medical centres and apartment buildings, having a fire extinguisher can provide unbelievable benefits.

The vital role of having a fire extinguisher

In approximately 80% of all fire accidents, a fire extinguisher is all that you will need to put the fire out. There have also been studies that show 60% of fires have gone un-notified, which means the fire is not severe enough to alert the fire department, and it can be taken care of with a fire extinguisher.

Having fire extinguishers in academic settings

Can you remember the fire drills in school? Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? It’s extremely important to know how to properly handle a fire extinguisher if you want to be safe in an emergency fire situation. Fire extinguishers have become even more of a necessity in schools across the country as being their first line of defence. We need to ensure that we are able to protect the lives of children.

Fire extinguishers can protect our environment

While we all know that fire extinguishers are needed to put out fires, they also have a great benefit towards our environment. They give us the ability to control fires and also limit the amount of pollution that is caused by burning derbis and smoke.

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