Why Fire Detection Systems Sometimes Fail

Why Fire Detection Systems Sometimes Fail

Fire detections systems have become a fairly normal part of our lives; blending in with home, shop and building décor, they serve the integral purpose of providing inhabitants with a warning and enough time to act when the spread of an indoor fire threatens their safety. For the most part, they are built to be reliable and reactive to the environment, which they need to ensure that they add to the safety of the interiors they are fitted to. Though as reliable as they are, there is always a tiny chance that they could fail, and a tiny chance is enough to lead to disaster. So, to help you stay prepared in the event that your fire protection system is acting up, here are some of the most common reasons why they fail.

Fitting them to High Ceilings

There are two ways that a high ceiling can get in the way of a properly functioning smoke detector. Firstly, it can make maintenance difficult since they might be tough to reach. The resultant lapses in maintenance will do nothing to ensure the reliability of the detector. Secondly, high ceilings mean that the smoke has a longer way to travel before reaching the detector. This might cause it to cool which could cause delays. In other instances, a smoke plume might hover just below the detector since it isn’t warm enough to rise to it, failing to trigger it as a result.

The Smoke Detectors Are Dirty

Since they are generally situated in a fixed position on ceilings, fire detectors are liable to attract all kinds of debris once they are installed; amongst these materials you will most likely find bugs, dirt, dust and lint to be the biggest culprits. They need to be clean and cleared fairly regularly to ensure that this debris doesn’t interfere with the detectors, which could either make the fire protection system unreliable, or worse could lead to frequent false-alarms.

Contact Mackantra Engineering to Find out More

Keeping your fire detectors clean and installing them in the right places play a huge part in their continued reliability, but so too does choosing a product that is well suited to its purposes and the environment it is installed in. Contact a representative from Mackantra Engineering today, to find out more about our various safety and hazard protection solution.

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